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GG Engineering

ArtyStorm a posted Dec 30, 12


Got there in the end - but only just!

Welcome back everyone!!!!

Preparation for Panda

ArtyStorm a posted Aug 21, 12

I've been updating the G3 intro logo for our videos ready for Mists.  What do you think... any good?  Made it slightly shorter too as people really want to see the video not the intro screen :)

Hey all btw, sorry we've been quiet of late.  As you've probably guessed we are on a summer break.  Will be back soon though...the pandas are coming!

Spine all spine

ArtyStorm a posted May 27, 12

Ok, so well done y'all.  A very good effort to get to 5th on Realm.  After being plagued with disconnects it was nice to get a clean run and a kill finally.  Hopefully we can carry this forward to Madness of Deathwing...and judging by our first night of it on Friday...we should be able to put our feet up very soon - possibly on a coffee table made from the chin of Deathchin himself.